• Combat Veteran (deployed and served in a combat zone) 

  • Honorably Discharged from Active Service

  • Verified VA Disability Rating of 50% or more for PTSD and/or TBI 

  • Must have or will have a fenced backyard or fenced enclosure for dog 

  • No Felony or Violent Convictions (applicant must be willing to submit Background Check if selected)

  • Must be willing to receive large breed puppy and complete all training requirements (approximately a two-year process) 

  • Must be ambulatory or have assistant during the training process 


  • Completed Questionnaire

  • Candidate Introduction Letter

  • DD 214 (Black Out SSN)

  • VA Verification Letter(s) (These can be generated by visiting Ebenefits Website)

  • Signed Statement of Understanding and Waiver of Liability


Sheepdog Initiative is proud to announce that our Quigg & Callender Project has been given the opportunity to provide one qualified and deserving Veteran with a service dog. This opportunity has been provided to us by the amazing folks of My Family Home Furnishings, in Oak Grove, Kentucky who have graciously volunteered to sponsor a Veteran, and in cooperation with K-9 Companions of Nashville who will be providing the required and necessary training. We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to receiving applications.

To start the process you must first download our application by clicking on the icon below.  You must print and fill out the application in its ENTIRETY.  Application requires physical signature(s). Once completed please scan application along with ALL REQUIRED documents to  Application process is open from 01 AUG 2020 to 01 SEP 2020.  Incomplete applications WILL NOT be given consideration.